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Cyber security - Ethical Hacking

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Hack Target

The value of prevention against cyber attacks
Advanced attacks to large companies in 2015 increased 40% over 2014.
Cybercrime is costing businesses $400 to $500 billion a year.

Cybersecurity is a worldwide priority today. Data breaches are rising significantly causing huge financial losses. From small to large organizations, counter measures are repeatedly implemented to improve the defenses against cyber threats and increase security.

Hack Target performs security assessments to check the level of security of your infrastructure, applications, critical data. Thinking like a hacker in a real-world scenario is the most effective way to test the threat level of network and information systems.

Why penetration testing?

The importance of a security assessment to increase resilience against hacking attempts
Business impact

Testing your vulnerabilities will give you the possibility to review organization and procedures to reduce the risk of data theft

Software developers

Increase the overall image selling secure coded and hardened applications to clients that are committed to security

Cyber security
Incident response

After a data breach, pen-testing is the most effective way to check the remediation actions and the improved security procedures

Audit compliance

Recurring vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are required for security certifications like ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliance

Vulnerability assessment

The vulnerability assessment identifies the weaknesses and produces an overall security analysis of the network. The result highlights the vulnerabilities and suggests all remediation actions aimed at mitigating the risk of successful hacking attacks.

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Application vulnerabilities

Cross site scripting (XSS), buffer overflow and SQL Injection are very familiar words today. They are just a few examples of common attacks on applications with code flaws which can be exploited by a malicious hacker. A secure code analysis is recommended to identify vulnerabilities in the code and fix it.

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Think like a hacker

Hacking is exploiting the vulnerabilities of a computer network to gain control of the systems and access to the information. An ethical hacker helps organizations to check the level of security of their infrastructures using penetration testing techniques like malicious hackers do.

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Work process

Step-by-step together to assess the security of your network

Get in touch

After your contact, I will send you a quick reply asking for additional info to define how best I can help.



You will receive a detailed offer with a letter of engagement that has to be sent back signed. We can then proceed to the kick-off.



Technical meeting where scope and objectives of the activity will be defined. We will discuss about rules of engagement, timeslot and all points required to perform the following step.



Ok, here we go: this is the core of the activity. Footprinting. Scanning. Enumeration. Gaining access. Maintaining access. Covering tracks. This is the methodology and it will be done like a hacker do.



The report details the outcome of the test. Addressed to the management to assess the level of risk and to the technical team to address the vulnerabilities, all information will be considered as strictly confidential.



My goal is to build solid partnerships. I will available to work with you giving advice to increase the resilience of your organization against cyber attacks.

Hack Target

Hack Target

Cybersecurity consultant

About me

Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH, independent consultant, thorough knowledge of systems and applications.

I provide cybersecurity advice, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Thinking like an hacker, my work is not limited to the use of automated scanning systems, but I will make manual exploitation of vulnerabilities against target networks and applications.

100% committed to security and taking confidentiality very seriously.